Why Masterlist?

There are many reasons to choose Masterlist. Let’s take a quick look at some of them. Scroll down for more!

Smart Checklists

Masterlist does not only keep your tasks in your customizable to-do lists, but also helps you with its “Smart Checklists”.

Pomodoro Timer

Fully compatible with the Pomodoro Technique and customizable by advanced settings, Masterlist keeps you focused and motivated.

Track your time

You just focus on your tasks and let Masterlist track your billable time you spent for each of your tasks.

Data Privacy

We do not have any access to the data that you save to Masterlist. We cannot possibly use or share it.

Free for everyone, Pro for who needs more

Masterlist is a free app. Upgrading to Pro is optional. Pro users enjoy extra features, and see no ads.

Smart Reminders

You can set smart (and unlimited) reminders that can be relative to the due dates, like “annually remind me one week before our anniversary”.

By a Pomodoro user, for Pomodoro users

I have been a Pomodoro technique user for more than a decade. This technique helped me in my professional and academic life, including my Ph.D. confirmation exam in law. I have passed it thanks to my simple kitchen timer and with countless hours of studying.

As a Pomodoro technique user & lover, I have tried many apps in years. At last, I have developed my dream app called “Masterlist”. You can keep your to-do lists and reminders, and track your time, pomodoros (work sessions), and performance with beautiful graphs finally within the same app.

I hope you like it as much as I like developing & using it!

E. Harman
Austin, TX, 2019-2020

Simple Yet Powerful

Masterlist has premium features without upgrading to Pro, and many useful details to discover. See our blog posts for more!

Nested Tasks (Sub-tasks)

With Masterlist you can have multiple Projects / Checklists. In every Project / Checklist you can have multiple tasks. And under every task you can have multiple sub-tasks. You can organize your tasks with this three level hierarchy.

Repeating Tasks

You may have bills, subscriptions and rent to pay, taxes to file, dentists to visit, and special days to celebrate. So much to remember! Masterlist can help you with all of them. You can even set custom repeat patterns, like repeating only on Wednesdays and Mondays.

Take Notes

Masterlist keeps everything about your tasks and projects in one place, including your notes. Just take your notes about your tasks, projects or about anything and do not worry much about their locations. Search feature can bring them to you.

Sounds for deep focus

You can choose from background sound options to focus deeply while doing your tasks. These include old-school ticking kitchen timers of the Pomodoro Technique, rain and forest ambiances, and even a simple techno track for noisy environments.

Detailed information

We love to provide our users with detailed information. For example, you can see when you created and completed your tasks and how many times you have completed them (this can be surprisingly useful for repeating tasks).

Search like a super hero

You can keep LOTS of notes, sub-tasks, tasks and checklists in Masterlist and you do not have to remember the location of any of them. You can always use its built-in “Search” feature, it will bring you the results you are looking for in lightning speed.

Customizable Pomodoro

You can customize the Pomodoro timer of Masterlist according to your needs and taste. You can change timer lengths, sounds, vibration, details on the timer screen, timer behaviors, and so on.

Motivating Scoreboard

Pomodoro (focus) timer has a simple yet stylish scoreboard at the top, showing your current and all time performance. Streak score keeps increasing if you start new work sessions one after another without giving a “too long” break. Your best streak is recorded in stats.

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